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NEO 30

NEO 30 sets the new standard of lifting goods in a fast and easy way. This innovative product was developed to meet an existing challenge on the market, with the level of quality, safety and user-friendliness, which are characteristic of the expert knowledge of Binar’s team.

What is NEO 30?

NEO 30 is a groundbreaking product designed to redefine the standards of handling goods. It represents an innovative solution, crafted by Binar Handling’s team, to address a notable gap in the market. This product stands out due to its exceptional quality, safety, and user-friendliness, incorporating expert knowledge to deliver an unparalleled handling experience.


The advantages with NEO 30

The advantages of incorporating NEO 30 into handling operations are multifaceted. It brings versatility to the forefront, allowing users to tackle a diverse range of lifting tasks, from delicate object handling to managing steel bars. For optimal versatility and ease, the NEO 30 is mobile and simple to move around, outfitted with a portable battery power supply. This enables smooth and effortless maneuvering, increasing productivity significantly.


The design of each end effector emphasizes user-friendliness, with simple lever mechanisms and quick connection features enhancing ease of use. Safety is paramount in the NEO 30 system, reflected in minimal pinch risks, reliable spring locking, visual safety indicators, and adherence to CE certifications. Moreover, the ergonomic design of NEO 30 and its accessories significantly reduces strain, boosting efficiency and comfort in handling operations.



How does a NEO 30 work?

The NEO 30 works as a central handling unit that can be paired with various end effectors, each designed to cater to specific handling requirements. These end effectors include:

 Scissor Clamping: Suitable for objects 270-500 mm wide, featuring adjustable arms and a user-friendly mechanism for seamless transition between gripping and releasing modes.

 Productivity Hook: A compact tool with spring locking for easy and safe lifting and releasing of goods.

 Mechanical Canister Hook: Ideal for handling objects with drum handles, offering quick and easy operations.

Single Vacuum: Features a 150 mm diameter vacuum cup, perfect for handling tasks with a simple lever operation.

Dual Vacuum: Equipped with two 120 mm diameter vacuum cups, it provides a secure handling mechanism through vacuum generation.

Magnet End Effector: A lightweight magnet, great for handling various steel items, with an easy-to-use On/Off lever.

These end effectors are attached to the NEO 30 unit through a quick connection feature, making the system versatile and adaptable to a wide range of handling tasks.

By integrating NEO 30 into handling operations, businesses can significantly improve efficiency, safety, and the overall ease of handling goods. This innovative solution is not just a handling device but a step forward in operational excellence.

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