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Manipulator Arms

All the expert knowledge required to combine efficiency and ergonomics is incorporated in our control handle. Combined with our manipulator arms, our lifting devices are designed for 50, 100, 200 and 300 kg. The manipulator arms are often mounted on floor pillars, but can also be suspended from the ceiling. The arms have an ultra- lightweight design because they are made of thin but extremely strong so-called ultra high strength steel (UHSS), and are, therefore, very easy to use.

How does a Manipulator Arm work?

The Manipulator Arms are used for fast and repeated handling of goods. The purpose is to make material handling and production more efficient.
Different models of manipulator arms have, of course, different lifting capacity, so you can choose a product optimized for your lifting and handling needs.

Adjustable manipulator arms for optimized lifting

The manipulator arms can be customized and adjusted to the operator’s needs. For example, special lifting tools, including magnetic end effectors and vacuum end effectors. The installation of a manipulator arm depends on the model and the customer’s wishes. The equipment can be mounted on a floor-standing column, or in other cases it can be hanged in brackets from the ceiling or on the wall.

Quick-Lift Systems offers manipulator arms with a wide range of possible lifting capacities. Quick-Lift Arm (QLA) is available in lifting capacities of 50 kg, 100 kg, 200 kg and 300 kg.
It is a versatile manipulator arm that fits many different types of industries.

Industrial manipulator arms

e Quick-Lift Arm Torque (QLAT) has a lifting capacity of up to 125 kg and is adapted for special loads.

The range also includes Quick-Lift Arm Clean (QLAC) with a lifting capacity of up to 75 kg, a variant optimized for industries with high hygiene requirements, such as the food industry.

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