Quick-Lift Driven 125i

Lift Rail Systems

Technical data

Lifting capacity

Max. 125 kg

Lift motor

Stepless servo-controlled asynchronous motor

Drive system

Three asynchronous motors


Set in motion by using a patented control handle and rope angle sensors. Both sense the operator’s hand/arm movement and give a very exact and even speed control. The rope drifts from the vertical line when the load is guided horizontally. The motor starts and follows in the same direction as the rope. The maximum horizontal speed is 1m/sec.
Furthermore, only a small initial force is needed to engage the up/down motion of the control handle.
When released, it stops immediately.

Power supply

400-480V, 50-60 Hz, 3P+N+E, 16A 3P+N+E (16A)

Stroke length

2.7 meters

Work area

Maximum width of work area 9,0 m.
Total width of trolley = work area + 1,5 m.


Rails made of anodized aluminum


Rails for X-movement can be mounted on floor pillar, wall or ceiling brackets.
Max. c/c x-rails 4,5 m.
Max. c/c supports in x-direction 4,5 m.

End effector

End effectors are designed to fit customer’s need.
Intelligent I/O signals are available for optimum functionality.

Easy accessible USB communication in handle as standard


- Color on motor unit that deviates from standard

For more available options, see Document: Options