Ergo Glass Rotation

Ergo Glass Gripdon

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Tekniska data

Lifting Capacity

Glass panels : 80/150/240 kg depending on configuration of the suction cups.

End effectors' weight

55 kg Max, with manual rotation.
61 kg Max, with pneumatic rotation option.

Main functions

Equipped with two fixed round suction cups.

The control handle provides a logic and simple interface for the operator for up and down movement as well push buttons for grip and release of the glass panels.

The control box at the top provides setting of adjustable speed depending of the application.

Manual rotation of glass panels.

Pneumatic controlled center of gravity (COG).

Main direction of suction cups is to be defined. Degree of rotation is 0-180°.

Air Supply

Clean dry air, pressure 6-8 bar.


2 suction cups with a safety factor of 4.

Both audio (buzzer) and visual (red lamp) indication when insufficient vacuum.

Up movement is automatically restricted when too low vacuum is detected.

Load is continuously supervised by the Quick-Lift and can only be released once end effector is landed on surface.


Additional pneumatic cylinder built in for inclination (approx 10°).

Vacuum tank (in case of insufficient vacuum).

Pneumatically controlled rotation of glass panels.
Degree of rotation 0-90°.