Magnetic end effector pneumatic 275 kg

End Effectors

Technical data

Lifting capacity

Maximum lifting capacity varies depending on the shape of the object to be lifted.
Note: The lifting capacity is reduced when the center of gravity of the object to be lifted is eccentric.

Steel plate

Thickness 25 mm 300 kg
Thickness 20 mm 270 kg
Thickness 15 mm 210 kg
Thickness 10 mm 150 kg

Note that magnetism under the steel plates <25 mm can occur.

Round steel

Ø 60-250 mm,
Maximum length 1500 mm
Maximum weight 135 kg


Maximum temperature of lifting object 50° C.

End Effecto's weight

21 kg / 46 lbs

Air supply

Clean dry air, filtered, pressure 6.0 -8.0 bar is required


For each lifting manovering, the control unit performs 3 internal security tests before the load can be lifted or handled. Are a quick and easy process, which do not disturb the operator's productivity


The tiltable magnetic gripper is operated with the lower buttons on the handle. Handle with 5/2 pneumatic valve and swivel included. No arm or rail system is included.


Quick-coupling, Quick-coupling pin and flange to connect end effector with Quick-Lift control unit.

For more options see document: Options