Behind the scenes, NEO 30™

We are thrilled to have introduced the NEO 30™ on the global market over one year ago. The battery-driven NEO 30™ is a unique lifting device that has made feather light lifting easier and more ergonomic. Binar Handling have been working within lifting solutions for over 40 years, however, this is the first product developed for light lifting, lifting objects up to 30 kg.

It is time to go behind the scenes of the NEO 30™ and we start off by asked Niclas, Global Product Development Manager, about the reason we developed a battery-driven lifting device.

- We saw a demand for a lifting device that is extremely mobile. A mobile lifting device can be used at several different workstations during a week since it only takes a few minutes to install. Since its battery-driven it can also be hung on forklifts etc. where there is no power supply.

- There is also a demand for a lifting device that is very easy to use, this makes it possible for our customers to have a very flexible staff where everyone can get helped by this ergonomic lifting device.

It took a very intense year to develop the NEO 30™. An outstanding performance for a product that has never been seen on the market before. Our highly competent network of suppliers contributed to producing the best product possible. However, there will always be challenges when inventing a brand-new product. Niclas highlighted the one of the main challenges:

- There was a lot of challenges, this has never been done before. One of the main challenge was to pack a complete lifting device into the small outer dimensions that we wanted.

This challenge was successfully managed since the NEO 30™’s dimensions ended on 410*132*107mm and a total weight of 7,5kg. A compact lifting device that is easy to install and move around. And Christian, Sales and Product Manager NEO 30™, wanted to highlight the features that he thinks makes the product so good:

- As the unique product that NEO 30 actually is with its’ battery powered system and the ease of installation, it is truly a unique product and one of its kind in the world today. Also, it feels great that they are all developed here in Trollhättan by the team at Binar Handling.

Contact Christian if you want to know more about the NEO 30™.


Distributor of the year - 2020

Great achievement! We are proud to, for the second year in a row, present Binar Handling's Distributor of the year, ALTO SYSTEMS in Czech Republic.

At Binar Handling, we highly appreciate and value the hard work done by our Distributors and partners. Our desire and innovative spirit continue to glow providing the best lifting solution ever to help our customers creating a safe and ergonomic environment for their employees.