New Regional Sales Manager

We are excited to welcome Farshad as Binar Handling’s new Regional Sales Manager in Sweden. Farshad will be the main contact for companies and inquiries from the Stockholm region and Northern Sweden.

Farshad has a background in engineering, business development, channel partner management, and R&D project management. He has a deliberate focus on building long-term customer relationships where he is optimizing productivity, efficiency, and safety. He can therefore offer tailored and sustainable solutions.

“I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with the team, to learn and understand about top engineered Swedish lifting equipment and start working on the field next to our customers. With Binar Handling’s portfolio based on ergonomy, safety, and precision I’m ready to help customers protecting their most valuable asset (human capital) and at the same time improve their profitability.” Highlights Farshad.

Farshad will be a great asset to the Binar Handling team with his many years of experience and diverse background.


Trollhättan City Trail

On Sunday, Aug. 29th, Trollhättan City Trail and GKN Easy Trail closed this year's Action Week and our colleague Andreas did the challenging 10,5km trail run! 

Thank you for this year's Trollhättan Action Week!

Binar Handling is together with Binar Solutions och Standby sponsoring Trollhättan City Trail, a part of Trollhättan Action Week. A great way for us to contribute to local organizations.


Quality and environment in focus

We have carried out a periodic quality and environmental audit in accordance with the standards ISO9001: 2015 & ISO14001: 2015.

The audit, which was carried out with a focus on the environment, resulted in no deviations, which we are very proud of.

Even more gratifying is that the results show that our purposeful work, based on our environmental aspects, make a difference both for us as producer and also for our customers.

This work has been continually ongoing since our first certification in 2013 and this is a receipt that we are continuing in the right direction. 

- Magnus Ehne, responsible for quality and environment at Binar Handling AB. 


Binar and Standby are sponsoring Trollhättan City Trail

Binar Handling are together with Binar Solution och Standby proud sponsors of Trollhättan City Trail, which is a part of Trollhättan Action Week.

This is a challenging 10,5km race through the beautiful nature of Trollhättan. Also, the unique thing about Trollhättan City Trail is that some of the sign-up fee goes to the sport organization of your choice.

A great way for us and everyone that sign-up to support Trollhättan and its' local organizations.


New distributor in Finland

We are excited to further expand our presence in Scandinavia, welcoming a new distributor in Finland.

Crane Partner will provide all our customers in Finland with first-hand sales and on-site support of Binar Quick-Lift™ and NEO 30.

Welcome Crane Partner, we are looking forward to our future collaborations.


New distributor in India

We expand our global presence further by providing a direct sales channel into India.

Vhopesystems Private Limited is our first distributor in India and they will provide the region with sales and on-site support of Binar Quick-Lift™ and NEO 30.

Welcome to the Binar Handling team!


New Production Manager

We are thrilled to welcome Nathan as Binar Handling’s new Production Manager in Sweden.

Nathan has a background in electronics engineering, sustainable development, and experience as production manager of a fast-growing small company where they built their production system from the ground up. Some of his main focuses have been efficiency and quality.

"I value teamwork and group decision making. The goal is to support those around to reach their full potential and actively participate in building a better workplace," highlights Nathan.

Nathan will be a great asset to the Binar Handling team with his many years of experience and diverse background.


New distributor in Lithuania and Latvia

We are proud to announce our new distributor for Quick-Lift™ and NEO 30 in Lithuania and Latvia, SALIJA, UAB.

Salija’s and Binar Handling’s partnership will provide Lithuanian and Latvian customers with firsthand support in sales and service of our lifting solutions. This partnership will enable more companies and their employees to work smarter with ergonomic and user-friendly lifting equipment.


Giving People

Binar Handling are a proud partner of Giving People, an organization helping economically exposed children in Sweden.

Mattias Lindh, Managing Director of Binar Handling Group says:

”As part of our cooperate culture we strive for being a respected and responsible part of the societies we operate in. As such there are certainly a lot we can do, both short and long term. What we all do (or not do) today will form our common future. As the future belongs to our children, we want to support the great work that “Giving People” do in order to help children who live under financially less fortunate situations.”


New distributor in Slovenia and Croatia

We are proud to announce that ILIRIK d.o.o. have joined Binar Handling Group as distributor for Quick-Lift™ and NEO 30™ in Slovenia and Croatia.

The partnership will provide our Slovenian and Croatian customers with firsthand support in sales and service of their Binar Handling lifting solutions. Ilirik and Binar Handling Group’s partnership will enable that more companies and their employees will be able to work smarter with ergonomic and user-friendly lifting equipment. This will simplify and make their work situation more effective.


Behind the scenes, NEO 30™

We are thrilled to have introduced the NEO 30™ on the global market over one year ago. The battery-driven NEO 30™ is a unique lifting device that has made feather light lifting easier and more ergonomic. Binar Handling have been working within lifting solutions for over 40 years, however, this is the first product developed for light lifting, lifting objects up to 30 kg.

It is time to go behind the scenes of the NEO 30™ and we start off by asked Niclas, Global Product Development Manager, about the reason we developed a battery-driven lifting device.

- We saw a demand for a lifting device that is extremely mobile. A mobile lifting device can be used at several different workstations during a week since it only takes a few minutes to install. Since its battery-driven it can also be hung on forklifts etc. where there is no power supply.

- There is also a demand for a lifting device that is very easy to use, this makes it possible for our customers to have a very flexible staff where everyone can get helped by this ergonomic lifting device.

It took a very intense year to develop the NEO 30™. An outstanding performance for a product that has never been seen on the market before. Our highly competent network of suppliers contributed to producing the best product possible. However, there will always be challenges when inventing a brand-new product. Niclas highlighted the one of the main challenges:

- There was a lot of challenges, this has never been done before. One of the main challenge was to pack a complete lifting device into the small outer dimensions that we wanted.

This challenge was successfully managed since the NEO 30™’s dimensions ended on 410*132*107mm and a total weight of 7,5kg. A compact lifting device that is easy to install and move around. And Christian, Sales and Product Manager NEO 30™, wanted to highlight the features that he thinks makes the product so good:

- As the unique product that NEO 30 actually is with its’ battery powered system and the ease of installation, it is truly a unique product and one of its kind in the world today. Also, it feels great that they are all developed here in Trollhättan by the team at Binar Handling.

Contact Christian if you want to know more about the NEO 30™.


Distributor of the year - 2020

Great achievement! We are proud to, for the second year in a row, present Binar Handling's Distributor of the year, ALTO SYSTEMS in Czech Republic.

At Binar Handling, we highly appreciate and value the hard work done by our Distributors and partners. Our desire and innovative spirit continue to glow providing the best lifting solution ever to help our customers creating a safe and ergonomic environment for their employees.