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Ergo Glass end effectors

Our high quality Ergo Glass™ end effectors are developed with focus on handling object with a flat surface and specifically glass and windows. They are used in all kinds of different applications, from pick and place to more complex operations where the glass and windows are tilted and rotated. These end effectors can be combined with any of the intelligent Quick-Lifts™. The Ergo Glass™ are ergonomic end effectors that ensure sustainable, safe, precise, and efficient lifting. The Ergo Glass™ end effectors are available with different configurations based on the expected use. They are available in six standard versions with a wide variety of options to cover the most challenging applications. And of course, our product development is busy developing next version as we speak. In case your need is not covered within the standard configurations, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your sales representative for a customized solution.